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Careers in Political Science

A bachelor’s degree in political science offers excellent preparation for a wide range of careers in the public, private and non profit sectors. In particular, political science majors acquire the broad based knowledge and research, analytical and communications skills desirable to twenty-first century employers. A major in political science prepares students for the study and practice of law. The department offers a number of specialized courses in the field of constitutional law and civil liberties. The degree also provides a foundation for public service careers at the national, state and local levels, including teaching, research, administration, planning, policy analysis and public office holder. Political science is also an appropriate major for students interested in positions in the overseas agencies of the U.S. government or in international organizations. The major can lead to opportunities in campaign management, speech writing, polling, public relations, lobbying, and voting analysis. Political science students have also entered journalism careers in television, and social and print media. A political science degree also offers excellent preparation for employment in the private sector, such as labor relations, information analyst, governmental relations or budget analyst.

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