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Learning Objectives

The political science major is a relatively open major, allowing students to choose from a wide range of courses and subjects within a general framework. A common core of courses studies the relationship between values, ideology and politics (POLS 201), fundamental issues in American politics (POLS 202), the logic of research in political science (POLS 302), comparative approaches and politics (POLS 303), theories of international relations (POLS 304) and a senior research seminar (POLS 498). Beyond this common core, as part of the additional 20 units required for the major, each student must complete at least one upper-division course in each of the four major fields of political science: political theory, international relations, comparative government, and American government and politics. Since politics and economics are so closely tied together, the department recommends each student complete a basic course in economics. In addition, the department encourages international study for political science students and will arrange for appropriate credits for courses of study at international universities.

A 20-unit minor in political science also is available. Although the minor most often is used in conjunction with such majors as communications, history, economics and sociology, it can be paired with almost any major offered at the university.