Advising Resources & FAQs

General Education Information

The School of Social Sciences currently has two Academic Advisor, Derek Bradley and Ryan Walsh, available to help with General Education advising through the Advising & Transfer Center.  Please see your assigned Political Science advisor for signatures or specific questions.

See the General Education Advising website for a detailed overview of the GE patterns.

Advising Videos

The School of Social Sciences has an Advising Resources YouTube page where you can find advising videos on many topics, including:

  • How to Read your ARR
  • How to Use Seawolf Scheduler
  • How use "Additional Search Criteria" in MySSU to search for GE courses
  • How to Enroll in Courses
  • How to Drop/Swap Courses
  • How to Waitlist for a Course

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Political Science Major or Minor. Who is my Faculty Academic Advisor?

The Political Science Department assigns Major/Minor Advisors. Students can find their assigned advisor and their availability on our main Advising page.

How do I make an appointment with an Academic Advisor in POLS?

Advising is done by appointment during posted office hours or by separate arrangement. Contact your Advisor by email for an appointment. Office Staff do not make appointments for Faculty. Advising hours start when the semester calendar begins and end on the last day of class each semester. Faculty are not available for advising during Finals Week, the Summer, or Intersession.

I want to meet with an Advisor to plan out my schedule, what should I do?

Prior to making an advising appointment with your assigned Academic Advisor, students should familiarize themselves with the POLS BA Major Requirements (or Minor Requirements).  You should also have your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) and the Transfer Credit Report (if applicable) available for review.

I need to apply to graduate with a BA or a Minor in POLS, what do I do?

Students need to complete the Graduation Application with their assigned POLS Advisor.  Please see the SSU Graduation website for instructions and University deadlines.

My Instructor is not on the list of Advisors, can they advise me about the major or sign my paperwork?

Not every instructor can advise or sign paperwork. Please schedule a time to meet with your actual Major Advisor in the Department.

No Advisors are available and I need to turn in my paperwork today, can the Department Staff sign my form?

No, Staff cannot sign in place of an Academic Advisor.