SSCI 320: Social Justice Week Course

January 30, 2020
SSCI 320

Need an additional unit?  The Political Science Department will accept the Social Justice Week course for 1 unit.  See below for further info.

This course is open to all SSU students. Register during regular enrollment for Spring 2020.  Course # 4323 SSCI 320 section 2 for 1-unit.

All students will attend 15 weeks of class, interview a social justice practitioner, and complete speaker assessments.

  • 1 Unit students will complete 11 assessments and attend 5 hours of social justice week.  

SSCI 320: the Sociology of Social Justice
Instructor: Caitlin Kelly Henry, Esq.

  • Become familiar with social justice issues and organizations.
  • Learn how local social justice issue are embedded in societal social structures of inequality, colonialism, imperialism, classism, ableism, sexism, patriarchy, heterosexism, queerphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and religious and other discrimination.
  • Develop a theoretical understanding of the power of grassroots activism for human betterment and social change.
  • Plan, develop, and participate in 2020 & 2021Social Justice Week program.
  • Act as hosts for Social Justice Week (March 2-7, 2020) presenters.