Barry Preisler


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American University of Beirut, BS Biology/Chemistry
UC Berkeley, Ph.D Political Science 


Middle East Politics


Professor Preisler has been teaching in the Political Science Department at Sonoma State for over 15 years. Working on his experience in Lebanon, he attended graduate school at UC Berkeley, and wrote his dissertation on Lebanon’s collapse into civil war entitled “Lebanon: The Rationality of National Suicide.” He received his Ph.D. degree from Berkeley in 1987. Dr. Preisler has taught many different courses for the department over the years but his primary area of expertise is the Middle East. He has taught over twenty different courses on the politics, history, anthropology and literature of the Middle East. He has published papers on Muslim/Christian relations in Lebanon, as well as the role of Hizbullah in the political life of Lebanon. He has represented Sonoma State University twice at the Oxford Roundtable conferences held at Oxford in the UK. Other than courses on the Middle East, Dr. Preisler often teaches International Political Economy, Modern Political Ideologies, Ideas and Institutions, and American Political Institutions.