Course focus is on the techniques and importance of developing and implementing a comprehensive organizational resource development plan for funding, volunteers, and donations, as well as ensuring a diversified agency revenue base. In addition, the course covers fund-raising, major donor development, as well as the legal restrictions for nonprofit agencies and the funding criteria used by corporate, community, and private foundation funding sources.

An examination of the role of marketing and public relations for nonprofit agencies, together with techniques for designing and implementing realistic marketing and public relations programs. Course will stress adaptation of marketing techniques to not-for-profit organizations, and will explore the types of access to press, electronic, and other media available to nonprofits. Course restricted to Political Science graduates only.

Focus upon full process of prospect research, proposal development, application, and contract management and administration of foundation, government, and corporate grants.

An investigation of current issues and developments in the operation of nonprofit agencies.

A student may be invited by a faculty member to participate in a continuing research project under the faculty member's direction. The research may extend for more than a single semester. May be repeated for credit.

An independent, intensive review of the literature in specific areas of concentration, in Public Administration to include the M.P.A. Core and Track course materials. Prerequisite materials to be included in this review.

Intensive field experience in a public or private agency. The student must define a current political problem and a discipline-related strategy for dealing with the problem, and work toward implementing the strategy. Cr/NC only. Repeatable for credit up to 4 units total.

Completion of an approved project with a public agency or non-profit organization.